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The Fascist Boff and The Evolution Of Comunism

5 de fevereiro de 2012

The Fascist Boff fighting technology because the communist and socialist systems do not have the ability to create technical and technological responses required to meet the needs of populations.
The terror implemented by the Communists with the lie of the existence of social classes – when biology does not recognize the existence of classes for the human species – and the class struggle of the classes that do not exist to justify GENOCIDE OF WHOLE PEOPLE, not only because “if adjust the conditions of communism would not be able to become communist, proposed by Marx in the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, and the fight against technology-based economic systems to allocate Economic Liberalism Liberals to the destruction of mankind.
However, if Communism had been deployed across the earth medicine would not be what it is and diseases have killed many more, as humanity have continued to play and communism would not have the answers, such as Cuba and did not like China knows it has and this is becoming capitalist.
Boff is too blatant to say cheap compared with humanity. But he admits that the Communists commit crimes against humanity and they hide it from humanity.
See the GENOCIDE OF THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE, which for A WINTER, in the 1932/33, the Red Army confiscated WHOLE FOOD UKRAINE UKRAINIAN to exterminate the people WHY DID NOT WANT TO BECOME COMMUNIST.
This is what Boff represents and defends.
In criticizing the capitalists he omits the industrial process that is only on systems that support the Economic Liberalism is possible to find an answer.
By criminalizing the scientists he omits the fact that the Communists did the same thing, except that in communist countries when you disagree, dies, and in countries of Political and Economic Liberalism, you create a NEW MARKET.
But as the MARKET does not support constraint and the Communists, as Boff, do not you live with other people without imposing his control of them, destroy everything and kill anyone who disagrees.
There are oases where a portion of humanity “hide” as the places to which he refers, people have developed the same way as occurred in places where there is poverty and misery.
Do not forget that the poor vote for a thief by a grant only for the food-supply. And this kind of humanity that Boff and the Communists want to train to stay in power forever of church and state workers.
He distorts reality to “make a reality” that “seems” real, but it is not.
The argument is to produce the cheap laughs and let the brains of cattle more prone to post-fascist comuno.
He mixes the science with which he condemned the communist syllogisms to validate the communist speech, citing the theo

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